The Restoration in 2014
The restoration is part of a strategy of valorisation of the heritage of ex­ votos from the Sanctuary at Ossuccio.
It is a complex and concrete action against the oblivion and the decay of our cultural heritage.

The restoration by Martino Mascherpa

The restoration of the ex­votos of the Sanctuary has been carried out between 2012 and 2014. It has involved 36 paintings and was made possible by a private donation. The restorer, Martino Mascherpa, as he cleaned and consolidated the artefacts, noted: " the vast quantity and relevance of the artistic patrimony in the Sanctuary has certainly made maintenance a difficult task to perform throughout the centuries, so much so that these spontaneous works of art, some of them of good artistic value, had been given only minor attention.
All the paintings are oil on canvas, except one. In some of the paintings restored, the layers of soot, glue, and overlaying paint had dimmed and blurred the pictorial film to the point of making it almost impossible to read. Cohesiveness and adherence of pictorial layers also posed problems such as flaking, loss of colour and preparation, and gaps sometimes of considerable extent". (From the "conclusive technical report").

This website hosts some of the restored ex­votos in the gallery.
The restorer, Martino Mascherpa, re­tells the sequence of restoration techniques implemented on the ex­-votos.