The Sanctuary and the Sacro Monte
In the Municipality of Tremezzina, on one branch of Lake Como, lie the Sanctuary and the Sacro Monte of Ossuccio.

The Sanctuary of the Holy Virgin of Succour at Ossuccio

The Sanctuary rises from the mountain facing the western branch of Lake Como. It has always been a landmark for travellers on land and lake, bearing at the same time the ancient memory of the heavenly and maternal protection coming from the Holy Virgin of Succour.
Since the XVIIth Century the Sanctuary of the Holy Virgin of Ossuccio has received and preserved a notable corpus of ex­votos, telling small and greater episodes in the life of men and women who, in the moment of need, have called for the protection of the Virgin of Succour.

The care of the Sanctuary has been entrusted until 2014 to the Franciscan friars of the friar minor order.
It is open to visitors between 8am and 6pm. Telephone: 0344 55211

The Sacro Monte (Sacred Mountain) at Ossuccio

The Sacro Monte is formed by 15 chapels dedicated to the Misteries of the Rosary. The chapels are lined up along a steep trail leading to the last shrine: the Sanctuary of the Holy Virgin of Succour. Inside the chapels lies a rich heritage of painted terracotta sculptures, described in a dedicated website.

The Sacro Monte has been inserted in the Unesco World Heritage List together with the "Nine Sacri Monti (Sacred Mountains) in Northern Italy" (Sacri Monti of Belmonte, Crea, Domodossola, Ghiffa, Oropa, Orta, Varallo and Varese).

This the motivation: "In addition to their symbolic spiritual meaning, they are of great beauty by virtue of the skill with which they have been integrated into the surrounding natural landscape of hills, forests and lakes. They also house much important artistic material in the form of wall paintings and statuary".
In the surroundings, the Municipality of Ossuccio has given life to the Cultural Complex Isola Comacina, Comacina, bringing together the Island and Antiquarium Archaeological Museum, on Ossuccio's mainland, close to the church of St. Mary Magdalene, whose famous bell­tower is today the symbol of Lake Como. Before visiting them, it is possibile to browse the dense calendar of events on the Isola Comacina web.